This episode focuses on the big picture view of “the new normal for taxes” since there have been several changes connected to the coronavirus pandemic.  Topics discussed include missed opportunities and new opportunities related to the ABA May Tax Meeting, Tax Court, free webinars, Virtual Settlement Days, and more.


Some tips:

  • If there were issues with the economic impact payment, some of the potential assistance I know about are the phone number 1-800-919-9835 or using IRS form 3911. Otherwise, the main advice I have is to file a 2019 tax return separately if you need to show on record that you are no longer with the spouse from a joint return so that you can potentially receive the payment as a refund on the 2020 tax return.


  • The University of San Diego Law School has for free virtually their 5th Annual Tax Controversy Institute on July 17 looking at tax controversy work during COVID-19, the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility, and IRS Fraud Enforcement and Criminal Investigations.


  • Kostelanetz and Fink is holding the 12th Annual NYU Tax Controversy Forum for free virtually on June 18 and 19. By the time this airs, those dates may have passed, but they are available through CPAcademy, which will be rebroadcasting those webinars during the summer.  The webinars will have updates from the heads of several departments at the IRS such as the new Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins and new head of the Independent Office of Appeals Andy Keyso.  They will also have presentations on penalties, fraud, Tax Collections, and enforcement.


*All sessions are live in Eastern Standard Time


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