Episode 118: Collections

Last year, the Taxpayer Advocate Service released the Taxpayer Roadmap.  I am doing a 6-part review of the various stages of the United States federal tax system as shown on the Taxpayer Roadmap. 

To find out more about the roadmap, use this link:  https://taxpayeradvocate.irs.gov/roadmap

Part 4 of the 6-part series is a look at IRS Collections.  Collections takes over when a taxpayer does not pay an amount owed to the IRS.  This episode will discuss the process of actions taken by IRS Collections such as notices sent, the selection of cases worked and the seizure of assets leading to lien or levy enforcement.  There are also alternatives available such as levy or lien relief, installment agreement, currently not collectible, bankruptcy, disagreeing with the assessment, Offer in Compromise or payment in full.


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