This episode focuses on the current state of affairs in working with IRS Collections and Enforcement. The issues with the IRS customer service are making it difficult to represent clients. As I focused on last episode, there are delays in CAF Unit processing of Form 2848 power of attorney forms. There are still long delays with speaking with someone over the phone at the IRS to resolve issues. Additionally, the Taxpayer Advocate Service has high workloads that make it difficult to find assistance there.


The IRS does not seem to have received the memo with regard to those issues because clients are still receiving notices from the IRS about balances due with threats of levies or liens. Unfortunately, practitioners and taxpayers have trouble communicating with the IRS about those notices.


To be positive, the IRS reports they are back to normal processing time for receiving mail. There are no communication problems with IRS Counsel and Tax Court so several of my cases came to resolution. The IRS is also taking good steps with their new IRS University and new Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer Ken Corbin toward improving customer service.


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