You should be aware of Nina Olson if you are interested in taxes. She was National Taxpayer Advocate for 18 years, cementing the role for leadership of the Taxpayer Advocate Service. She has crossed the nation to get taxpayer feedback, testified before Congress, and submitted annual reports to Congress. Now, she is the Executive Director of the Center for Taxpayer Rights and plans their annual International Conference on Taxpayer Rights. She is an outspoken voice for disadvantaged taxpayers and it was a pleasure to speak with her for this extra-length episode 150 interview.


We discussed the following items - creativity and taxes, persistence to get major accomplishments in the tax system, carpooling with Keith Fogg, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, the state of current tax reform, the Taxpayer Roadmap, the dichotomy of the IRS regarding enforcement and benefits administration, the Center for Taxpayer Rights, learning from international tax administration for the United States, working in the tax system toward a “mission accomplished” goal, the goal of someday owning goats, and collecting dinosaurs.

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