Well, before we started we didn’t think we had anything to talk about!  Andrew Belter (Wisconsin Judicare) and William Schmidt (Legal Aid of Western Missouri) caught up on recent tax news as the tax season is underway.  Access to transcripts with the CAF Unit and IRS budget restrictions from Congress are some of the topics.


The main portion of this episode is a discussion of the ABA 2022 Midyear Tax Meeting.  It was a virtual conference that took place from January 31 to February 4.  Hopefully we provided some insights in our preview of the event.  There are discussions that took place on topics such as diversity and ethics.  Updates on current events from the National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins, the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court.  Discussions of litigation that ranged from the U.S. Tax Court to the U.S. Supreme Court.  There are a variety of topics that should interest tax practitioners at American Bar Association Section of Taxation events.


Since the event has already happened, you have not necessarily missed out.  For American Bar Association members, the recordings are still available for 90 days after the meeting.  It is a bargain for LITC personnel to access the entire conference for $25.


The meeting was quite informative and it is always wonderful to see and speak with other tax professionals, even when it is all online.


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