Welcome to a further discussion from William Schmidt (Legal Aid of Western Missouri) and Andrew Belter (Wisconsin JudiCare) on issues when calling the Practitioner Priority Service.  This time, there are issues when representing a client who is listed as the secondary person on the tax return.  Some of are clients are widows or divorced.  Recently, the IRS has been given difficulty or wanted a power of attorney form for the decedent's estate signed by the widowed spouse in order to do anything on the account.  That makes it difficult to ask for transcripts or get the account into currently not collectible status.  Next, there are difficulties when transcripts are unavailable from the IRS but the representative does have access to the account.  How to proceed?  Also, when the clinic is contacted about criminal tax issues, what next?  Since the LITC program does not focus on criminal tax, it is good to have a network for referring those cases.  These topics and more are discussed in this episode.  Thanks for tuning in!

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