Today brought good news and bad news on the political front.  I’m just here with the good news – the IRS got to avoid another government shutdown.  Also, earlier this week the National Taxpayer Advocate (Nina Olson) released her Annual Report to Congress.  It was due in January but was delayed because of the government shutdown.  The Annual Report provides Most Serious Problems and Recommendations to Congress.  This year has the second Purple Book, a concise summary of 58 legislative recommendations.  Something new for 2019 in the Most Serious Problems section is The Taxpayer Journey, graphics and roadmaps illustrating the issues that taxpayer have in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service.  The Taxpayer Advocate Service conducts research and related studies.  The results in this report are hundreds of pages advocating for improvements Congress can make within the IRS to help the average taxpayer.  Check it out here:


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