The American Bar Association Section of Taxation 2019 Fall Tax Meeting will meet October 3-5, 2019, in San Francisco.  I am on one of three panels organized by the Collection Due Process Summit Initiative regarding collection due process.  On Thursday, October 3, will be What is Collection Due Process? A Practical Introduction to the Stages of CDPErin Stearns (LITC Director/Professor at University of Denver Sturm School of Law) is leading the panel and is on the episode to discuss the panel.  On Friday, October 4, will be Collection Due Process Notices: Much Needed Works in Progress.  I am on that panel and talk through the focus of the panel.  On Saturday, October 5, will be Prior Opportunities to Dispute Liability in Collection Due Process: An Oversized Reaction to Insufficient ActionCarolyn Lee (Morgan Lewis, San Francisco) is leading that panel and explains about the prior opportunities panel. 

We have panelists including Chief Special Trial Judge Carluzzo of the U.S. Tax Court, Keith Fogg and Les Book of Procedurally Taxing, and IRS directors (Kristen Bailey - Director of Collection Appeals, and Frederick Schindler - Director, Collection Headquarters, SB/SE Division).  If you are able to attend the San Francisco conference, please visit the panels and introduce yourself to us.

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