Format Shift

I wanted to pass on the information that I need to do a format shift for Tax Justice Warriors.  I have been thinking it would be good to have a co-host on the show to bring in more conversations on current tax topics.  I have enlisted frequent guest Andrew Belter, LITC Program Director at Wisconsin Judicare, to be a co-host so we are going to try and provide you some interesting discussions.  This will lead to some longer episodes.

Also, I am keeping busy in my position as Supervising Attorney of the Consumer Protection Unit (which includes the LITC) at Legal Aid of Western Missouri.  As a result, it has been tougher for me to find the time to edit podcasts so I am going to switch from a weekly format to twice a month.  So, that means longer episodes but less often.  

Hopefully, a frequency that works for everyone.

I hope you will tune in and join us!

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