Working With TAS in 2021

On this episode, Andrew Belter and William Schmidt discuss issues that the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is having in 2021.  Due to the IRS being backed up, taxpayers are contacting TAS for assistance.  While TAS normally provides assistance to taxpayers, the IRS and TAS are being contacted by taxpayers in record numbers.  As a result, TAS is difficult to reach and that means limited assistance for Low Income Taxpayer Assistance (LITCs).


Note:  It was not mentioned in the episode, but we heard from the National Taxpayer Advocate at a later point on guidance for LITCs.  If there are issues in contacting TAS, the LITCs need to reach out to their Local Taxpayer Advocate (LTA).  The LITCs need to build close working relationships with their LTAs during these difficult times.  Contact your LTA especially if a form 911 has been submitted and you have not heard anything – send it directly to the LTA if you are able!


Also, Andrew and William talk through some networking tips and help if you are dealing with stress during the holidays.

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